Don Cayo Iberico Mixed Milk Campo de Montalban 7 lb

Campo de Montalban® is a cheese born out of commodity, yet transformed into a high quality product. At the time of its creation, mixed milk cheeses were a dime a dozen, created in order to not throw away excess milk. The Corcuera family took this necessity and turned it into an art, making their cheese the highest possible quality by dedicating a minimum of 40% sheep and goat’s milk to its production. It is made from cow, goat and sheep’s milk cheese and aged 100 days. Before the creation of the DOP for Manchego, which restricted Manchego to being produced from 100% sheep’s milk, this cheese also was called Manchego. Campo de Montalban® is unique in that you can taste the different flavors of the milk and the terroir; its truly a worldclass cheese. Corcuera also produces El Trigal® Manchego and Doña Julia goat cheese.

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