Love is in the air! Get ready to create a special Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air! Get ready to create a special Valentine’s Day.

Get ready to create a special Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! Make this special occasion even more unforgettable for your customers by offering a delectable range of gourmet food imports from Agora Foods International.

Elevate Valentine’s Day with these exclusive Australian delights:

  • 🌺 Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup: Burst of flavor and visual elegance for cocktails and desserts.
  • 🌿Wild Hibiscus Infused  Salt Flakes: Sustainably sourced, solar-powered, and perfect to complement the floral notes of the hibiscus.

It’s not Valentine’s without chocolate!

Tropical Beans. European Craftsmanship.

🍫Your first choice in chocolate. Cacao Noel supplies chocolate couvertures, specialties, and decorations — everything you need to produce high-quality pastries and confections.

Get Cheesy this Valentine’s Day!

Indulge in the art of romance with our curated selection of cheeses. Each piece is a masterpiece, carefully chosen to make this Valentine’s Day celebration a memorable one. Share the love, savor the flavor—because nothing says “I love you” like a deliciously cheesy moment.

  • Alp Blossom: Experience the floral essence—a creamy delight inspired by alpine meadows.
  • La Roule with Cranberries: Discover the perfect balance of creamy richness and fruity sweetness in La Roule with Cranberries.
  • Port Wine Derby: Savor sophistication with a blend of robust port wine and smooth Derby cheese.
  • Champagne Cheddar: Celebrate with a decadent fusion of effervescent champagne and rich cheddar.
  • Ubriacone: Uncover the bold character of a wine-bathed cheese offering a robust and irresistible profile.
  • Ubriaco Pinot Rosé: Immerse yourself in the romance with a symphony of subtle sweetness and aged cheese richness.



Ibérico Pork Solomillo, a prized Spanish cut, boasts incredible tenderness and a rich, nutty flavor. Sourced from freely roaming pigs on an acorn diet. Best enjoyed lightly seasoned with salt and pepper highlighting the meat’s exquisite taste.

Iberian pork stands out for its exquisite intramuscular marbling, creating a unique juiciness and flavor as the fat melts during cooking. This coveted characteristic makes it a favorite among global meat enthusiasts and chefs. It is a Spanish delicacy best prepared by seasoning it with salt and pepper, searing it in hot olive oil, and allowing it to rest before slicing for maximum tenderness.

Discover exclusive pricing options for Marcos Iberico meats by reaching out to your dedicated sales representative.


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