Ortiz Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Tuna 24/300gr

Ortiz brings Spain’s two culinary treasures together in a perfect marriage with this Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Tuna mix. Piquillo peppers have a perfectly smoky and sweet flavor shaped ideally to use as a stuffing. Covered in a light layer of tomato sauce, these stuffed peppers with tuna bring a creamy mix and a burst of sweet fire. This tin of tuna has a delicately rich flavor making it among the most beloved and prized fish in Spain. This 10.6-ounce tin of Piquillo Peppers with Tuna contains four stuffed peppers per tin can, ideal for enjoying as a delicious ready-to-eat meal.

Known for its traditional techniques and sustainable fishing practices, Ortiz has produced quality delicacies for more than a century in Spain. Ortiz produces a variety of sardines using fresh ingredients and perfectly delicate textures. Established in 1891, Ortiz provides quality Spanish conserves with a precise cleaning process and prepared by hand. Ortiz specializes in a wide variety of products such as olive oil, great anchovies, salted seafood, tunas, etc.


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