Montesinos Montealva Young Goat Cheese Andalucia 4 lb

Special order. 2 week lead time.
Pedro and Isabel Álvarez Aguilar’s family has been making cheese for over 50 years. Their mother and grandfather used to make cheese in a farmhouse; today the facility is more modern but still uses artisanal methods. Their uncle has 450 Payoya goats, a heritage breed native to the area. This breed nearly died out until a collective of farmers in the area came together in 1997 to preserve it. They are hardy animals ideally suited to the mountainous habitat and feed on the pastures with limestone-rich soil. There is now an association that protects and certifies cheese made with this native breed. We stock the Joven (young), which is aged 60 days. The texture is very unique – it is crumbly, yet it melts in your mouth. It has a well-balanced acidity reminiscent of yogurt and lemon with an underlying aroma and flavor of walnuts.

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