Leonora A Fuego 2/3lb

Leonora® A Fuego was created by cheesemaker Oscar Fernando Marcos Gonzalez after the success of his soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese, Leonora®. He adds a layer of smoky Spanish Pimentón de la Vera to the outside of the cheese before aging it for 40 days. The cheese is dense and creamy. As it ripens, a cream line will start to form inside the rind. The flavor of this cheese can be split into three phases: it starts out lush and lemony, with flavors of fresh goat’s milk, balancing acidity and richness. Then the slightly smoky flavor of the pimentón comes through, which finishes with a subtle spiciness on the tongue. It exemplifies how Oscar is part of a new generation of cheesemakers that respects traditions but isn’t afraid to innovate and expand the definition of what constitutes great Spanish cheese.

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