Latteria Soresina Provolone Selezione Sharp cuts 16 lb

Provolone is a typical cheese of the Po Valley, born from the encounter between the tradition of stretched curd cheese from southern Italy and the great availability of milk from the north. This was only possible in the mid-nineteenth century when with the unification of Italy the southern farmers were able to move to the north, bringing their traditions and techniques with them and thus creating a whole new cheese. The name Provolone comes from the word Provola, which indicates a small spun curd cheese. This one resembles it in some respects and not in others, such as the abundant size of the Provolone and above all the flavor, much more decisive. Provolone is distinguished from other stretched curd cheeses for its remarkable quality of being able to mature for a long time, for over a year, without drying out and without becoming a grating cheese. For true connoisseurs, Latteria Soresina offers the Selection Provolone, unique in taste and aroma thanks to the craftsmanship that involves the manual execution of many stages of the production process, now with a new “dress”, more enhancing and captivating. Available in the size of 16 lb!

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Latteria Soresina

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