Fennel Pollen 1 oz

Fennel pollen is often thought of as frou-frou or “restaurants,” but that’s mostly because it’s not something you find at your average grocery store. The delicate granules are harvested from tiny yellow flowers and have a light texture but aren’t powdery. While you most likely wouldn’t sprinkle fennel seed on top of a springy cake, the texture of the fennel pollen is definitely delicate enough to be a garnish. The flavor of fennel pollen is, unsurprisingly, more floral, sweet, and delicate than earthier fennel seeds. It straddles the line between the strong fennel character and the more licorice-like aniseed flavor. If you do come across fennel pollen, it can often be clumpy and lose its delicate floral aroma, but this one is exceedingly fresh and lovely. It’s even more versatile than already well-loved fennel seed.

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