Corcuera Manchego 3 mo 2×6 lb Black Wax

This young Manchego, aged 3 months, is fruity and balanced with a semi-soft texture. It is made by the Corcuera family, and like all of their Manchegos, from young to reserva, the standout characteristic of the cheese is the wonderful butteriness and well-rounded flavor of the sheep’s milk. We have worked with Quesos Corcuera for over 20 years, and their company spans three generations of the Corcuera family. It all started with Eusebio and Julia, then their sons Ramon and Carlos took over; their sister Carmen and her niece Patricia are currently in charge. From La Puebla de Montalban, a small town just 20 minutes from Toledo, they produce cheese from same day milk. They are dedicated to making the best cheese possible, so it is no surprise that they were instrumental in helping to create the DOP for Manchego in 1985.

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