Chiquilin Paprika Hot 6×2.64 oz

The Pimenton by Chiquilin is hot, smoked paprika made from red hot chili peppers, grown in Alicante, Spain. The peppers are smoked over oakwood logs to deliver silky-smooth flavors.

The Pimenton has been one of the essential ingredients in Spanish cuisine ever since the 17th century – after Columbus introduced chili to Spain. The paprika is traditionally made from rusty red peppers, such as Bola, Ocales, Jaranda, Jariza, and Jeromín. There are three main types of the finest Pimenton: hot, sweet, and bittersweet, depending on the pepper varieties used for the spice blend. You can discover more Spanish pepper & paprika in our carefully curated collection – from Noras to d’Espelette peppers; with us, you can get your hands on anything your pantry lacks!

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