Bakalao Salted Cod Fillet 40 LB

The ancient need to preserve foods by salting and air-drying gives us this culinary delight. Baccala’ is salted cod that is used in several Mediterranean cuisines, but is exported mainly from Norway, where the highest-grade qualities come from. The fish must be soaked for several hours and the soaking water changed a few times before use. This product will make any traditional baccala dish come out wonderfully, especially our favorite bacalao al la Vicentina.

Commonly referred to as “Bacalhau”, “Bacalao” or “Baccala” it is the most famous of the white fish. “Wars have been fought over it, revolutions have been spurred by it, national diets founded on it and economies and livelihoods have depended on it.” It is n excellent low-calorie source of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12 which all lead to a healthier heart if eaten regularly. The fish is harvested from the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. Our cod production is based on carefully chosen raw-material, that are put through a high-quality production process!

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