Arosis Beans Giant Gigantes 22 lb

The Giant (Gigantes) Beans from Kastoria are a Greek variety of high quality, thin-skinned, and very easy to prepare (short boiling time) beans, due to the unique combination of microclimate, soil composition, and traditional farming techniques used (Certified cultivation under the Integrated Management Crop system). The area offers a perfect ecosystem with top quality soil and excellent climatic conditions for growing beans at an altitude of 650m to 700m. The soil is considered to be ideal with balanced pH and good drainage of the terrain. These dry giant beans are grown in small family farms, located around a gorgeous lake in Kastoria, Northwest Greece. Farmers follow traditional cultivation methods with a lot of manual work throughout the process of growing. These beans are certified by Agrocert and recognized as PGI products by the European Union (products with Protected Geographical Indication).

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