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Mediterranean Artisans - Agora Foods International Brand

Mediterranean Artisans

Mediterranean Artisans-Importers of quality olives, olive oils, peppers, and other Mediterranean staples.

Wild Goat Agora Foods Brand

Wild Goat

Wild Goat- Premium goat cheeses and Feta products.

Mediterranean Artisans - Agora Foods International Brand


Roussas- Greek Feta and Dairy producer. Places great emphasis on producing  high degree of quality in regards to Organic/GMO free products.

O Med - Agora Foods International

O Med

Producers of superb Spanish olive oils and Vinegars.

Losada Olives - Agora Foods International Brand

Losada Olives

Premium family owned Spanish olive growers and producers.

Athens Fillo - Agora Foods International Brand


Athens is the worlds largest producer of Fillo dough & Fillo products.

Smoking Goose Agora Foods Brand

Smoking Goose

Smoking Goose handcrafts slow cured and smoked meats, salumi, and fresh sausages.

Schaller & Weber - Agora Foods Brand

Schaller & Weber

Traditional German Style Charcuterie producer & Butcher.  Producers of fine sausages, liverwursts, deli cuts, pates, and other specialty charcuterie. The “House of Quality” are winners of multiple Gold Medals of Honor at numerous International charcuterie expositions throughout the Europe.

P.G. Molinari & Sons Agora Foods Brand

P.G. Molinari & Sons

Traditional Italian Salami & Sausage manufacturer based in San Francisco California. They are a 4th generation family business that has a strong tradition of excellence for over 100 years.

Alfa Pastry - Agora Foods International


ALFA-authentic Greek fillo products from Kozani Greece. Known for their stuffed spin pies “kihi” and loafs.

Narragansett Creamery - Agora Foods International Brands

Narragansett Creamery

Award-winning family owned Italian artisanal cheese producer based out Rhode Island. Known for their mozzarella and hand dippes ricotta.

Nduja Artisans - Agora Foods International

Nduja Artisans

Specialty calabrian Italian salumeria located in Chicago Illinois. Produced by a decade-old traditional family recipe orignating from Calabria. Known for their Nduja, (spreadable salami).

Fromagerie Henri Hutin - Agora Foods International

Fromagerie Henri Hutin

Award winning French cheese producer, makers of brie courone and the the belletoile brand of cheeses

Fromagerie Guilloteau - Agora Foods International

Fromagerie Guilloteau

Fromagerie Guilloteau is a family-owned business located in the southeast part of France, near the Alps. Fromagerie Guilloteau  produces  fine soft ripened produces cheese, using ultra-filtration methods. This process retains all the nutrients of the milk in the cheese, and also gives a unique taste and a smooth  texture to the cheese. Their most well know cheese is Fromger d’Affinois.

Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese - Agora Foods International

Canal Junction

Home of charloe. Artisanal raw milk producer of cheese located in Defiance Ohio.

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